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Nayara CEO

Nayara Energy is a new-age downstream energy company of international scale. With our new shareholders (a trifecta of Rosneft, Trafigura and UCP), we have high ambitions for sustainable business growth and creating value for our stakeholders.

The company’s relationships with employees, business partners, contracting parties and communities is built on mutual respect and trust. We are committed to doing business fairly, honestly and legally, thereby setting the highest levels of ethical standards.

We have a zero tolerance policy towards malpractices including but not restricted to bribery, corruption and fraud. If you know of or suspect a violation of ethical practices, you are encouraged to promptly report it via following channels:

  • Call us on the hotline toll free number, 1800 266 2800
  • Email us on
  • File it online
  • Write to or meet our Chief Compliance and Risk Officer

We are duty-bound to take timely action and safeguard your identity and interests.

Integrity is not optional at Nayara Energy and we just don’t live it but also promote adherence and ethical behavior among our team members, and other stakeholders.

B. Anand

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Nayara Energy
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