TB recovery through nutrition

Two Stories of Triumph from Jamnagar

Tuberculosis (TB)- a life threatening infectious disease that affects millions of people worldwide can cause severe respiratory illness and even death if not treated promptly. With India contributing towards a quarter of the total global cases, TB remains a grave public health issue in the country.

With the aim of eradicating this epidemic by 2025, we at Nayara, through collaborative efforts, have been making constant efforts to provide long-term nutrition support to TB patients to ensure complete recovery.

Here are the success stories of two TB patients from Jamnagar district, who overcame the disease with the help of proper medication and nutritional support.

A one-year-old child, living in Tarana Dhar Village of Jodiya Block, District Jamnagar, began TB medication in May 2021 and recovered after 15 months. Initially, the patient had difficulty breathing and was diagnosed with TB at Ashirwad Hospital in Rajkot. The child was then referred to the Medical College, Jamnagar, where water was discovered on the side, and TB medicine was administered by Pithad village PHC. The child's condition was critical, as he could not eat and weighed only 5 kg. However, with proper medication and nutritional support from Nayara Energy Ltd., the child started eating and gained significant weight. After 15 months of treatment, the child had recovered, with a weight gain of 100%.

Similar, is the story of a 49-year-old migrant worker from Manekpar Village in Dhrol Block, Jamnagar, who started TB treatment at Physical Health Center Latipur in October 2021 and was cured eight months later. The patient had initially experienced chest pain, a cold, and a cough that lasted for more than ten days. Following an X-ray, HRCT, and CBC test at the Community Health Center in Dhrol, TB was diagnosed. Since the patient was a migrant worker staying on a farm, medication was given, and Nayara Energy's nutrition kits were also provided. The nutrition kit played a crucial role in the patient's recovery, taking care of their dietary needs for over two months and helping them recover quickly. After eight months of treatment, the patient had fully recovered and weighed 58 kg.

These two success stories from Jamnagar are a testament to the importance of long-term nutrition support for TB patients, alongside effective medication. With the right treatment and support, TB is curable, and patients can go on to lead healthy and productive lives.

At Nayara Energy Ltd., we are committed to eradicating TB and improving the health and well-being of communities in India. Join us in the fight against TB and help make a healthier world for all!

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