Petrol pump dealership with Nayara energy- Earn lucrative profits

Profit fromPetrol Pump Dealership

As a business owner your aim and our endeavour is to build a profitable business and ensure that your investments are paid back in due course of time.

Our dealership model is not only simple but also lucrative, ensuring steady operating profits and return on investment.

A mutually agreed lease rental on your land for the period of the lease.
A performance-based return of 5% p.a. for your on-site and infrastructure investment. Investment is calculated on normative cost, based on the standard costing model.
Competitive sales commission when compared to the prevailing margins in the industry.

Make a profit every day

by owning a recession proof business

Make your land a part of our retail footprint. Become the proud owner of a Nayara Energy Fuel Station.

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For existing franchisee queries, write to or call franchisee helpdesk at 022 7132 1122
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