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Nayara Application and Development Centre

  • Nayara Application Development Centre (NADC) is being developed in the vicinity of the Daman-Silvassa , the Polymer processing hub of India.
  • The centre is being developed to support the Plastics industry in developing new applications, technical evaluation and development activities.
  • The state of the art technology centre will house the latest testing and characterization facilities. It will have medium scale processing equipment. Laboratory will be equipped with sophisticated mechanical, thermal, optical, rheological and weathering testing facilities.
  • NADC will comprise of polymer technologists, process engineers, sector specialists working with customers to provide technical solutions and help them in developing niche applications.
  • Innovation is the key to growth of the Plastic industry as polymer applications are diverse and emerging. New application development requires thorough study of the technical requirements of an application intended to be developed. Customers can connect to Nayara energy for such requirements by writing to any of the e-mail addresses given below

Nayara Application Development Centre :
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