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Healthand Sanitation

Community & Public Health Project


Access to medical facilities is probably the single largest issue faced by communities in Debbhumi Dwarka district. The nearest health and pathological facilities are at least 20 kms away. 

Nayara Energy’s Community Health Project provides primary healthcare services, pathological facilities and emergency response system to more than 50,000 patients annually, across 15 villages

  • Mobile Health Van ensures doorstep delivery of basic medical services
  • The Community Healthcare Centre in Jakhar Village offers essential medical services. By bringing healthcare directly to the communities, the centre plays a critical role in improving the overall well-being and accessibility to healthcare services.
  • Specialized health camps ensure that all significant health issues are adequately addressed

Nayara Energy has also adopted an epidemiological analytics driven public health programme and accordingly plans to identify and work towards eradication of diseases widespread in these areas.

Under the public health initiative, Nayara Energy is also working towards the eradication of Tuberculosis (TB) in collaboration with the Government of Gujarat, in Jamnagar and Devbhumi Dwarka district. As part of this programme, we provide long-term nutrition support to the TB patients to pace up their recovery process.



Swachh Halar – Integrated waste management

The need for Sanitation and Waste management in India cannot be overemphasized. Both of these issues are the epicenter of several diseases and malnutrition issues. Recognizing the above menace, Nayara Energy has implemented a comprehensive project on sanitation, called “Swachh Halar” Project Swachh Halar is Nayara Energy's initiative for integrated waste management. The project’s major objective is to create a better value in the waste value chain through investment in approaches, systematic process, aligning stakeholders, introducing innovation, and bringing about systematic and long term behaviour changes. Inclusive of awareness programmes, source segregation, spot cleaning, beautification, and installation of reverse vending machines among others, the efforts demonstrate Nayara Energy’s unwavering commitment to promoting cleanliness and sustainable waste management practices in the region.

Project Tushti


Project Tushti is Nayara Energy’s initiative to eliminate malnutrition in Dwarka through a unique public-private partnership with the Government of Gujarat. The word, ‘Tushti’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Santushti’ signifying fulfilment and wellbeing. This project aims to improve nutrition parameters in Devbhumi Dwarka, contributing to the overall progress of the region.

Furthering the company’s commitment to the communities, Project Tushti is Nayara Energy’s endeavour to improve nutrition parameters in Devbhumi Dwarka, contributing to the overall progress of the region. The word, ‘Tushti’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Santushti’ signifying fulfilment and wellbeing.

Nayara Energy has collaborated with JSIR&T India Foundation and IIPHG to closely work with ICDS and DWCD. By leveraging health centres and new-age delivery mechanisms, Project Tushti improves nutrition indicators in the district. In Phase I, Project Tushti achieved a 79% decline in moderately underweight and a 69% decline in severely underweight children.

Devbhumi Dwarka has been the cornerstone of Nayara Energy’s existence since the time the foundation of the refinery was laid in Vadinar. The company has played a pivotal role in improving quality of life of the communities through several sustainable development projects in areas of health and nutrition, education and environment.

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