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Senior Management - Mr.B. Anand-CEO
Mr. B Anand

Nayara Energy is one of the most efficient companies in India and a leader in the oil sector. With new shareholders we are set to become truly global. As we extend our footprint globally, it is inevitable that smallest of occurrences will have huge impact not only on us but also on our shareholders’ brand equity. In such situations, as responsible corporate citizens, our success will be defined by the rules of business ethics. These business ethics help us to act appropriately in complex situations where a conflict of interest may arise between expectations of the employer and actions of employees.

You are aware that corruption leads to direct economic losses and prevents companies from developing normally. It is necessary that every employee is on board with respect to ethics and conduct. There will be zero tolerance towards corruption, receiving kickbacks or working with “friendly” firms, as this will not only increase the cost of procuring goods and undermine honest competition in the market, but also contaminate the atmosphere of professionalism both inside and outside the company.

Bribes and abuses destroy trust within the workforce, distort the mechanism of fair distribution of resources and deprive employees of the encouragement to perform better. We believe that any form of corruption is a crime and those responsible are liable, irrespective of the form of bribe or advantage obtained, whether real or intangible, financial or non-financial.

We believe that being honest with oneself - otherwise known as conscience – is the best protection against becoming involved in “dodgy” schemes. The efficient development of our company is fortified by a principle of zero tolerance towards corruption, fraud and abuses. We advocate common rules of business ethics applying unconditionally to all employees, irrespective of rank or length of service in our company. We are confident that our employees are taking and will continue to take the right decisions by not getting involved in potentially corrupt situations and influencing the company’s decision in respect of the business interest of friends, relations or former colleague.

Consequences of any wrong occurrence by few are felt by all the employees, hence we urge you to report any such instances, evidence of corruption, fraud, conflict of interests or abuse via the hotline. We, company’s Senior Management Team are setting an example by rigorously following these rules in our work. We will do everything possible to take immediate action and protect your interests.

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