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The Vadinar refinery (in Gujarat) is India’s second largest single site refinery. The refinery is the economic backbone of Nayara Energy and acts as a fulcrum that accelerates the growth of the company. The hard working and efficient team at Vadinar, supported by advanced technologies is stretching the boundaries of innovation and turning tomorrow’s dreams into today’s reality.

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How it all started

Vadinar, a small coastal town located in Devbhoomi Dwarka district in the state of Gujarat, India, is home to one of the most complex refineries in the world. It started commercial production on May 1, 2008 and is today India's second largest single - location refinery, capable of handling a diverse range of crude - from sweet to sour and light to ultra-heavy. It has an annual capacity of 20 million metric tonnes (MMT) or 405,000 barrels per day (bpd), up from 14.7 million metric tonnes or 300,000 bpd previously and a complexity of 11.8, up from 6.1 in less than four years. Vadinar refinery has the capacity to process high proportion of ultra-heavy crudes and yet produce higher value, high-quality (Euro IV & V) products, delivering increased refining margins.

Refinery Assets

The refinery is supported by a fully integrated infrastructure including SBM (Single Buoy Mooring), crude oil tanker facility, water intake facilities, a captive power plant, product jetty and dispatch facilities (by rail, road and sea).

A sophisticated Tank Gauging System (TGS) has been provided – one each for crude oil tank farm, product and intermediate tank farm and dispatch tankages – comprising radar, servo and hydrostatic systems. Over 700 motor-operated valves with intelligent actuators are connected to DCS and emergency shutdown systems.

Vadinar is also the first Indian refinery with a coal-based power plant with a power equivalent capacity of 1,010 MW, to fulfill power and steam requirements. Apart from a captive power plant, the refinery provides for a deep-water port with a total capacity of about 58 million tons per year that can accommodate large VLCC tankers (with a carrying capacity of up to 350,000 tonnes). The port also stores crude oil and finished products with a volume of about 3 million cubic meters and helps reduce the cost of supplies from remote regions such as Latin America.

Output from Vadinar

Vadinar is a leading non-state player in the Indian refining space with high growth potential. A favourable geographic location of the plant brings us closer to a number of key world-class oil production centres of the Middle East and Africa, which allows profitable diversification of oil supply sources.

Flexibility in raw materials
Super Heavy
High- Margin Basket
Diesel and medium distillates
Gasoline and light distillates
Other (Fuel oil, petcoke, sulphur, etc)
Safety at Vadinar

Vadinar has a refinery-wide integrated Distributed Control System (DCS), safeguarding system as well as a fire and gas detection system. The electrical control system is provided with hardware that is located in satellite buildings.

Environment Protection
  • 400 hectares (1,000 acres) of green belt
  • 400,000 trees
  • Mangrove plantation – 175 hectares
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Use of low sulphur fuel and low NOx burners for controlling SOx and NOx emissions, respectively
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