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Programmes and Partners
Health Camp 1 Thematic Area: Health

Partners: Samarpan Hospital, JSI R&T India Inc.

To provide integrated healthcare solutions in 13 villages surrounding the refinery we have initiated a Community Health Project ensuring access to basic healthcare services. Initiatives include Community Health Centre at Jakhar, a mother and child care centre at Vadinar, a Mobile van, 5 emergency ambulances and specialized health camps.
Nayara Energy CSR 1 Thematic Area: Health

Partners: Rogi Kalyan Samiti, Devbhumi Dwarka

Nutrition Support to TB patients in Devbhumi Dwarka: We have collaborated with the District TB Department to provide nutritional support to 301 critical patients for faster recovery. The programme aims to completely eliminate TB in the district by 2025.
Nayara Energy CSR 2 Thematic Area: Education

Partners: Centre for Environment Education (CEE)

Gramshiksha is an overarching education program in 15 villages for the age groups of 6-35 years. The ultimate aim of Gramshiksha is to ensure that all the 5,000 children (including drop outs) in the age group of 15-25 complete their 10th std. by 2025. Some other major activities are Shala Praveshotsav (school enrolment drive), smart classes, balmelas (children’s fair)/fun fair, teacher trainings, classes for dropped out children and community libraries etc.
Nayara Energy CSR 3 Thematic Area: Education

Partners: Centre for Environment Education (CEE)

Promoting alternate tools to ensure better learning is the company’s forte. Originally created as Bal Vividha in 2012, the learning method transformed to Indradhanush– Shiksha Ke Saat rang & then to Bharat Ek Khoj (India – A Discovery) in 2018. Bharat Ek Khoj is an amalgamation of facts, figures, thoughts and ideas which showcases the richness and diversity of our country. The initiative aims to reflect the free spirit of India amongst schools across the country. Under this initiative, 18 schools showcased multiple social, economic, cultural facets of their assigned state.
Nayara Energy CSR 4 Thematic Area: Education

Partners: Gujarat Council For Education Research & Training (GCERT)

To strengthen the Educational Innovations & Research in primary education, Nayara Energy has collaborated with Gujarat Council for Education, Research and Training (GCERT) in offering to develop a repository of about 10,000 educational innovations, to disseminate them and promote their use daily in schools. The intent behind the programme is to encourage teachers to think out of the box and to innovate teaching methodologies making learning fun and stress free for children.
Nayara Energy CSR 5 Thematic Area: Livelihood and Environment Sustainability

Partners: BISLD – BAIF & Arid Communities and Technologies (ACT)

Agriculture Development & Animal Husbandry: Intending to increase the income level of the farmers, Nayara Energy (formerly known as Essar Oil) initiated a livelihood program in 2013, focusing on agriculture development, animal husbandry and water resource development. Ongoing efforts are being made to addresses issues like low land productivity, ground water depletion and lack of availability of health services for cattle, among others.

Nayara Energy CSR 6 Stitching Centre in Vadinar: We set-up a stitching centre in Vadinar in 2016 to provide source of alternate income to women. The centre is the only one of its kind in Vadinar and also serves as a platform for social interaction amongst the members.

Water Resource Development and Management Program: The projects aims to address the issue of water scarcity and improve the level of water quality. Initiatives like bore well recharge, pond cleaning, farm bund, farm pond (repair, de-silting, and construction) and pond deepening are carried out in villages.

Waste Paper recycling project: Nayara Energy supports a waste paper recycling unit run solely by women in Singach. Producing high quality recycled paper, the programme caters to a diverse range of capacities allowing custom designing of products as per requirements.
Nayara Energy CSR 7 Thematic Area: Skill Development

Partners: National Management Centre (NMC)

Integrated Lab for soft-skills development (ILabss): The Company has setup a unique lab facility at ITI Khambhaliya to impart soft skill education to students who don’t otherwise get this opportunity as a part of their technical education curriculum.
Nayara Energy CSR 8 Thematic Area: Sanitation

Partners: J.V. Nariya Educational & Charitable Trust

Nayara Energy is implementing a comprehensive project on solid waste management in 5 villages. Besides regular cleaning in the village, other activities like behaviour change communication and awareness drives are also being carried out.
Blank Thematic Area: Entrepreneurship Development

Partners: Acumen India Fellows Programme

Acumen India Fellows Program is a leadership development program designed to connect and cultivate the next generation of social change agents with the courage and skills to address the problems of poverty. The company has signed into a three year agreement (2017-2019) with Acumen Fund Trust. The idea is to develop a community of emerging leaders, thereby creating a more inclusive world.
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