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FFS (Form- Fill- Seal) bags are manufactured with high performance polyethylene (PE) material through an advanced multi-layered co-extrusion blown film process. Form-fill-seal (FFS) system is the integrated solution where the bag is cut and formed from a continuous reel, then filled and sealed as a finished pack. It is pilfer proof packaging, fully water resistant and contamination-free. These bags are tough, stiff and have good tear propagation resistance.

Polypropylene production at Vadinar refinery will be based on advanced Unipol technology platform and latest generation catalyst. Along with superior product performance, customers of Nayara Polypropylene will enjoy following advantages:-

Phthalate Free:Nayara will be using latest generation phthalate free catalyst for production of entire range of Polypropylene grades which gives benefits like,

  • Phthalate free grades for pharma, Health & hygiene
  • Smooth processing on most advanced and highest line speed machines available to date.
  • Lesser film breakages, less downtime and lesser material wastage
  • Longer die life for fibre lines producing non-wovens
  • Higher throughputs and lot-to-lot consistency..
  • Lower oligomer and VOC content

Extensive Pan India Network: Nayara has extensive sales distribution network across India to cater to our customers to ensure that they always have an access to the material whenever required. The strong DCA network along with dedicated sales force is always available to serve the customers.

Pilfer Proof: Nayara Polypropylene will be packed in latest pilfer proof Polybags using FFS technology. The complete close loop process ensure no human intervention and also protects the material inside from dust, moisture and other contamination, which again is a one of the criteria for Healthcare and food packaging industry.

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Technical Support: Nayara is in the process of establishing state of the art Application Development Centre at Daman-Silvassa for the benefit of the customers. Nayara Application Development Centre (NADC) will be dedicated to customers for testing and development of new applications..

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Polypropylene Grades

Nayara has broad range of Polypropylene- Homopolymer grades carefully formulated to satisfy customers in sectors like Packaging, Housewares and Thermowares, Furniture, Pharma and Healthcare, Automobile, Appliances etc.

Application Grade
(230° C/2.16 kg) in g/10 min
Typical applications TDS
Blow moulding H020BG 2.0 Extrusion blow molding of bottles for water, juice, pharma packaging, Flute board sheets
Thermoforming H030TN 3.0 Sheet extrusion, thermoforming for packaging of tools, food containers, trays etc.
BOPP H034EG 3.4 BOPP metallized, clear and heat sealable films for lamination, flower overwrap, cigarette packaging, adhesive tapes etc.
Raffia H036RG 3.6 Raffia Tapes for woven sacks for packaging of food grains, cement, polymers etc, leno bags, wrapping fabrics, fabrics for FIBC, sheets for thermoforming.
TQPP H110QS 11 Clear transparent films for condiments packaging, T shirt & Tie packaging, wafers & bread packaging etc.
Injection Moulding H120IG 12 High stiffness grade for furniture formulations, food containers, general molding applications.
Injection Moulding H200IG 20 General purpose injection molding grade for containers, toys, compounding formulations etc.
Fibre & filament H240FG 24 Multifilaments for POY, FDY, Staple fibers for making clothing, carpet backing, filters etc.
Non woven H380FG 38 Non woven fibers extrusion for hygine applications like sanitary napkins, nappy pads, gloves, surgeon caps, general non woven cloth, filters etc.
Extrusion coating H380CG 38 For extrusion coating on PP woven fabric, lamination films etc
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