Franchise Eligibility

Eligibility Criteria
Nayara Energy has an extremely transparent, seamless and quick enrolment & commissioning process. Unlike other fuel manufacturing companies we do not have a tender-led selection process. If your land meets our requirements, we issue a Letter of Appointment in your name within a month. You can then proceed with other formalities & clearances required for commissioning the retail outlet.

Petrol Pump Nozzle
We would love to hear from you if:
  • You have a clear title of a land. Ideally in the name of the franchisee.
  • Your land is road touching, levelled and developed.
  • It is more than 800 sq. mts. in a town area or more than 1200 sq. mts. on a highway.

Here’s how you can apply:

For existing franchisee queries, write to or call franchisee helpdesk at 022 7132 1122
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